Sustainability and Health

Your health and safety is our primary concern. We have a 100% REFUND GUARANTEE if your travel plans are disrupted due to a COVID outbreak, we will gladly reschedule booking or refund your accommodation in full. Please be assured that we have taken steps to ensure all cleaning protocols are at a all time high and we track and trace all of our guests and workers at Sunlover. Hand sanitiser and masks are available in your room if needed. At the same time we are taking steps to ensure we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

All bathroom, laundry and dish washing amenities are made right here in NZ so that has reduced our carbon footprint.  The amenity bottles are all biodegradable.   Partly used bottles can be taken away with you in the ‘goodie’ bag.

We encourage you to play your part in the way you use our precious energy and water supplies and ask that you dispose of all rubbish responsibly.  Recyclable items can be placed in the bin in the lounge by the tea/coffee making facilities.

If you are happy to use your towel again, please hang it on the bathroom rack.  We will refresh your towel every second day.  If you require a clean towel before that, please leave the dirty towel on the shower floor.

We collect rain water for drinking and washing.  In the very hot summer months we will use the town supply when needed.  Please use the water conservatively.  Our hot water is solar heated.

As Tairua is ‘plastic bag free’ we have put a shopping bag in your wardrobe for you to use when you pop down town.

Then of course there is the menagerie!  We have chickens producing our eggs.  Feel free to feed them .. their feed is by the coup.  And bees producing our honey and the sheep, Mint and her daughter Rosemary, chomping the grass. 

Our organic vegetable garden and fruit trees produce most of the vegetables and fruit we need for breakfast.

Any suggestions to improve our sustainability practices is greatly appreciated.