Regenerate with Sunlover

We all understand the concept of sustainability. But what if we all improved our environment rather than keeping the status quo. Regenerative tourism is the idea that tourism should leave a place better than it was before. Sustainable tourism in comparison, is leaving something as it is so that it stays the same; in other words, not causing any extra damage. We believe that we are the guardians of this place and are doing everything in our power to ensure our little neck of the woods is better than when we found it. So what does that mean?

We plant a native tree for every booking made at Sunlover.  You can help plant the tree or we will do it on your behalf. 

All bathroom, laundry and dish washing amenities are made right here in NZ so that has reduced our carbon footprint.  The amenity bottles are all biodegradable.   Partly used bottles can be taken away with you in the ‘goodie’ bag.

We encourage you to play your part in the way you use our precious energy and water supplies and ask that you dispose of all rubbish responsibly - we help you with htat while you are here. 

If you are happy to use your towel again, please hang it on the bathroom rack.  We will refresh your towel every second day.  

We collect rain water for drinking and washing.  In the very hot summer months we will use the town supply when needed.  Please use the water conservatively.  

Filters at the source of water means you can drink beautiful fresh water directly from your taps. 

Our hot water is solar heated.

As Tairua is ‘plastic bag free’ we have put a shopping bag in your wardrobe for you to use when you pop down town.

Keep Cups are available for your use while you are with us.

Then of course there is the menagerie!  We have chickens producing our eggs.  And bees producing our honey and the sheep, Mint and her daughter Crumpet, chomping the grass. 

Our organic vegetable garden and fruit trees produce most of the vegetables and fruit we need for breakfast.

Any suggestions to improve our regeneration practices is greatly appreciated.