We get so excited about the things to do and see on the Coromandel Peninsula that sometimes we forget what is sitting in our own backyard! Tairua has a wealth of options with its mix of sea and bush. There is so much to do, when you get tired of sitting on our deck and looking at the view.

​Here is my Best of Tairua picks for those of you wanting to DO something:

​Walk to the top of Paaku for a unique view of the area. It is a 2 hour round trip walking from Sunlover or you can drive to within 10 minutes of the summit. I’m up there at least three times a week to see the sunrise. A-mazing!

​Walk the History Trail around the town and stand on the spot where the oldest NZ Maori artefact was found. Now sitting in the Auckland museum, this fishing lure certainly puts us in the history books as the smallest town with the longest history.

​Swim, surf, read or rest at our surf beach named Ocean Beach.

​Both the Harbour and the Estuary provide gentle, peaceful walks. Pepe Loop is right there in front of Sunlover and circumnavigates the estuary and golf course. Feel free to walk on the sand at low tide.  You won’t get stranded!

​By car, travel to the upper reaches of the Tairua River to Broken Hills. Some days you may see a gold mine working; or walk to the tracks and enter the tunnels to see glow worms and weta.

​Kayak the inner harbour or go diving or sea fishing. We have operators here who just love to help you get on the harbour.

​Collect pipis in the harbour or fish off the wharf.  Bring them back and we can help you good them.

Jump off Pepe Bridge - ONLY at high tide. This is so much fun. You’ll often see the local kids and holiday makers alike producing their best ‘bomb’ to try and wet walkers by! And at the beginning of the year, you’ll see me doing my obligatory leap!

​Have a picnic at Te Karo Bay (Sailor's Grave) or Otara Bay. Just a short 10 minutes drive to get there and our pick of the bunch of beaches. You can view the Twin Kauri on the way. Continue up to Trig point on Pumpkin Hill and see one of the most spectacular views in our area – other than Paaku that is.

​Play a round of golf on our picturesque and challenging 18 hole course. Our golf course is one of those lovely, country golf courses that follows the estuary.

​Observe our birdlife - nearly 60 species are in, around or over the Estuary. We have conveniently placed signs around the place so you can become an expert on what you are looking at.

​And to finish off, enjoy the hospitality of our many restaurants, cafes and bars and relax with some retail therapy in our small, but very varied, shopping centre.

Posted by Donna Brooke on September 24, 2020